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Written by Annie Weeden (MDE’s 2016 Summer Intern)


It was a hot summer’s day accompanied by a light breeze off the shores of Lake Michigan when I attended John and Dina’s wedding. Walking towards what looked like a castle amongst endless sand and beach-goers, I got my first look at what this event would be like; a beautiful and intimate wedding filled with copious amount of laughs, smiles, and sparklers. This was the iconic Promontory Point. I have heard about this place before, but being the country girl that I am I haven’t seen it until now. All of the wonderful stories never did this place justice and there I was acting like a tourist with awe in my eyes and a camera in my hand.

Shuffling up to the huge rustic doors and taking my first peek at what looked like a busy hive; many workers and vendors running all over the place making sure that the venue looked flawless. So many details helped piece it all together bit by bit with time, patience, and hard work. Tu Bloom had arrived and was arranging glamorous centerpieces in accordance to the soft blush and merlot linens. On top of that Jewell Catering was starting to plate hors d’oeuvre that made my mouth water. Every dish was well executed with an array of colors and delicious smells. All of the months of planning led to this moment and I could finally see the whole picture.