Nadeau Ice Sculptures and Carasco Photography: A True Art

June 30, 2010

For our post today, we’ve chosen to feature two amazing vendors that are crucial when it comes to the “WOW” factor in an event! Nadeau’s Ice Sculpture Inc. and Carasco Photography are a really great way to set your event apart from others. Now an ice sculptor and a photographer may seem a little unorthodox to pair in a blog, however an ice sculpture and just the right angled photograph put together can make an event worth remembering! Read on and find out how!

First we have Jim and Joan Nadeau from Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures Inc. who tell us what makes an ice sculpture such an integral part of an event and just what it takes to be the creator of such remarkable sculptures! Nadeau's Ice Sculptures Inc. was started in 1980 by Jim who was armed only with a dream and an ice pick. Jim was able to go from working as a line chef to becoming the premier ice carving company in the Chicagoland area!

What led you to begin carving ice?

As a line cook at the Marriott Hotel in Boston, the Executive Chef was carving, and with prodding from me, he let me carve. At that time, only hand tools were used- chisels, chippers and ice picks.

What background do you have in sculpting?

No formal art training. Just practice-practice-practice.

It's no secret that the sculptures eventually melt, what do you do to preserve the memory?

The easy answer is photographs and videos. The real answer is in people' memories. I'm constantly told about sculptures I did YEARS ago and how they made their reception. Ice Sculptures truly are the lowest cost item with the highest visual impact at any event.

As mentioned above, photographs are one of the easiest ways to preserve the images of the ice sculpture as well as the excitement of the event and the joy of your guests! Scott and Cara Nava work together to capture the exquisite and memorable moments.  Michelle Durpetti Events had a great time working with the team when shooting our headshots earlier this year. They made it easy for us to get in touch with our glamorous side!

How do you stay inspired?

We seek out new experiences whether it be an art exhibition, fashion, film or even meeting new people.  I’d say that both our passion and curiosity for cultur e fuels us and keeps us motivated to learn more and push ourselves to higher levels.

Throughout the year, we also create collaboratives with other professionals such as our fashion bridal shoot (images were published recently in CS Brides Magazine) at The Wit Hotel with Ben Mahoney Productions, Topiarius and Giselle (whose line is sold exclusively at Belle Vie Bridal Couture).  These shoots are great for cultivating new ideas and approaches to our wedding portraiture. Our brides and grooms enjoy our editorial approach to portraits and like feeling like models for a day.

If given the opportunity, would you give up your ability to do your craft to be able to fly?

Nope. Although it would be great to have that vantage point. We feel honored to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families and experience someone else’s culture for a day. One of our favorite weddings was a Nigerian engagement ceremony at the bride’s home. There were over 60 people in the home on a humid summer night as the groom’s family made their introductions to the bride’s family. Suitcases of textiles, bags of sugar, libations and other offerings were brought in for the couple.  I can still envision the grandmother sitting on the back patio stirring a pot of stew in her bright Gele head wrap. I don’t think we left the party until 3 in the morning because there was so much energy and we didn’t want to miss anything. It was an amazing experience.

The team at Michelle Durpetti Events is obviously taking full advantage of all that these vendors have to offer at our launch party!  We are really looking forward to having an Eden inspired ice sculpture as well as the opportunity to capture our favorite moments from the night on film! We couldn’t be more excited! Coming up, MDE bride Tiffany grills our Wedding Coordinator Haley for all the wedding day dirt!


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