MDE Bride Tiffany Asks Wedding Coordinator Haley!

July 8, 2010

We are so lucky to be able to watch MDE's very own Tiffany Crociani plan her dream wedding! Of course, like every bride, she has a few questions of her own. Luckily, we have wedding coordinator, Haley Lertola, on board to help unlock some of the mysteries behind planning a wedding!

1. Everyone wants us to get going on our registry, but we have most everything we need, and not much space to store extra dishes, glasses, etc.  How can I please everyone without being bombarded with stuff?

Don’t worry!  You actually have a fair amount of options other than the traditional registries.  For example, we work with a wonderful vendor called Foodie Registry (stop by An Evening in Eden to check them out) that was created by a couple in your same position.  At Foodie Registry, you can create a registry for gift certificates to upscale Chicago restaurants that you have always wanted to try.  Basically, you are registering for a date night out with your (soon-to-be) husband.  Who doesn’t want that? 🙂

Another option is to look over the items that you do have.  Maybe you’ve lost a few dishes along the way, or your towels are getting tattered.  This would be the perfect opportunity to replace older, worn items.  And if your things are in good condition, you may find that having extra sheets and towels are always useful.

Also, consider this an opportunity to maybe change the décor of your home.  Perhaps you have been wanting to purchase some artwork, candles, or an area rug, but have been putting it off while focusing on your wedding.  This may be the perfect time to do it!

Visit Hatch My House for more information on this unique registry!

Lastly, if after all of these considerations you still don’t find what is right for you, consider going to a store that has a wide variety of items, like Bloomingdales, Macy*s or Target.  That way, if you end up with store credit, it will be useful to you for a variety of items.

2. Is it necessary for my invitations to match my color I’ve chosen for my bridesmaids to wear?  Ie. One color throughout the wedding.

When selecting your invitations keep in mind that they are a wonderful way to show guests what to expect to see at your wedding and thus a fabulous way to tie the style of your wedding together.  If the color of your bridesmaids dresses happen to be a bold part of your décor and wedding style (perhaps they are violet and have a whimsical style that you also incorporate throughout other elements of your wedding décor), then including this color and style on your invitation will give your guests a taste of what they can expect to see on your wedding day.  Today choosing your wedding invitations is less about following traditions and more about staying true to your personal style while giving guests a preview of your special day!

3. I found shoes I love, but they are pretty high and I know that at some point I’ll need to change out of them.  If I move to flatter shoes, my dress will be dragging.  What should I do?

I would suggest maybe changing into a pair of platform flip-flops.  They are available so many places now, and they will give you the comfort of flat shoes with a little bit of height so that your dress isn’t dragging too much on the floor.   Tailors have also told me that brides should hem their dresses a little shorter than they think because as the night wears on and you are moving and dancing, your dress will gradually fall a bit closer to the floor.  Plus, if your shoes are that cute and you love them so, why not leave a little room for them to peek out?  Then you not only get to show your shoes off, but you are also minimizing the length between your high heels and whatever you slip into later in the evening.

4. I want/need to get in shape for the wedding, but don’t have it in my budget to go to a personal trainer.  And I can’t seem to motivate myself!  Do you have any suggestions?

There are quite a few options out there.  It’s just a matter of finding what is right for you and your budget.  First, there are bridal boot camp programs offered.  A local program like Flirty Girl Fitness has great classes like Zumba, Bikini body Blast and Sexy Sculpt.   Because they usually have a group of brides, it cuts down on the cost per person.  In that vein, may I also suggest visiting wedding websites like and going to the message boards to find other brides in your area to set up a support group with which you can meet to workout, share tips, track progress, etc.

There are also things you can do yourself.  Put up a picture of your wedding gown on your bathroom mirror that you see everyday to motivate you to get exercising.  Have a countdown clock (chalkboard, whiteboard, or a paper one) that shows you just how much time you have to get into shape.

I also once saw an interview with a famous celebrity who said that she puts her workout clothes on before going to bed so that in the morning she is already dressed and has one less excuse.  She said that it is pretty hard to avoid working out when you are already dressed for it.

And finally, you may want to consider this something to do with your fiancé.  You get to spend time together while getting in shape!  And why not start this healthy habit now, so that you can continue it throughout your life together?  He can hold your legs while you do your sit-ups and vice versa.  Or maybe simply going on walks or bike rides together will give you both some fun, quiet time together while you embark on this wonderful, though hectic time.


We hope these lovely ladies have answered a few of your questions as well as inspired you to get going on those wedding plans! Visit again to learn more about our awesome vendors for An Evening in Eden!

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