U Drink I Drive & ShutterBooth: What They're All About

July 12, 2010

Next up on our list of fabulous vendors is U drink I drive and ShutterBooth. We are so happy these companies have chosen to work with us for An Evening in Eden because they are both so unique in their field! Read on to learn more about each of these vendors and come out to our launch event this Thursday to check them out in person!

U drink I drive is an on-call designated driver service that offers a safe ride home after a night out. Within 30 minutes, two drivers arrive at your location- one driver takes you and your vehicle to your drop off location while the other follows in the trip car. Once at your destination, you receive your keys and rest easy knowing you and your vehicle are home safely!


If “U drink I drive” could offer its services in ANY kind of car, what would it be?

Unfortunately, there is no single car we could point out that would be our favorite or preferable vehicle. We have driven ANY kind of car from Ferraris and Mercedes to old Chevys. We even got a request to drive a Vespa scooter with a little tricar attached to it once.

We cater to a very wide range of clients and their cars express that diversity more than anything else.

What makes you unique in your field?

Designated drivers are the only true group out there that does something to physically prevent people from drinking and driving. No matter how threatening the anti-drinking and driving messages get or how severe the laws, the number of casualties and DUIs have stayed the same for the last 20 years.

We promote responsible consumption before anything else. We love the nightlife industry, the drinking crowd, people who like to have fun and get wild, and we offer them the safest, most convenient and discreet option of getting themselves, their friends and their cars home safely at the end of the night.
Our service is unique in itself, being a new service that is not offered in many places. Our service is very personal; we are almost like a good friend that is there when needed.

It is great to have that number to call at 3 am in the morning and say, “I need to get home. Can you please help me?” and our customers are so very appreciative of us being out there for them.

I guess that is exactly what makes us so unique: we are a business that offers a service that is very helpful and beneficial to people.

Another unique vendor that is becoming quite popular at events and weddings is ShutterBooth. ShutterBooth is a company that provides a photobooth for use at your event. ShutterBooth captures unique, candid and fun moments as your guests enjoy the spontaneity of posing for pictures in a ShutterBooth. The camera takes four pictures while prompting you to strike a pose for each one. Have fun and express yourself behind the closed curtain!

If you could do your job anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

My immediate thought would be somewhere tropical like Hawaii; however in reality I love Chicago and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be! I was born and raised in the Midwest and love that while Chicago is a large metropolitan city with fabulous restaurants, venues, and nightlife, the people here still have the Midwest mentality I love. We are blessed in Chicago to have such a wonderful and innovative community of event professionals. Everyone works together and I wouldn’t trade that for any tropical or exotic destination. Plus I’d miss the snow!

Why do you think there has been such an increase in demand for photo booths at weddings & events?
People spend countless months and even years planning a wedding or event that often only lasts a few hours. They’ve always been looking for ways to capture as many memories from the event as possible while also trying to make their event more memorable for their guests. People have always loved photobooths but with the development of new technologies and digital photobooths like ShutterBooth, it’s now more realistic for people to have a booth at their event. Photobooths provide additional entertainment for the guests while capturing memories with the candid photos taken. Guests get a photostrip to take home and remember the event –the strips are often found pinned up in their cubicle, bulletin board, or refrigerator for years to come. Whether people realized it or not there has been a need for this type of service for awhile; there just weren’t any vendors offering an elegant and affordable solution.


We are so excited to have such creative companies on board for our event this week! Make sure to come check out these awesome vendors (plus many more) at our event THIS Thursday!

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