A Few of our Favorite Things

January 7, 2011

During the Holiday Season when the city is sparkling with lights and good cheer, we find inspiration around every corner! (We do love to sparkle here at MDE!). But when the holidays are over, and we are stuck in Chicago in January, we need every bit of help we can get to stay in touch with our inner fabulous. So, when we came across a company that takes old jewelry and keepsakes and creates new statements we were interested! And of course, who doesn't love the amazing bedazzle my bon bon? Read below to learn more of a few of our favorite things right now...


MDE has so many favorite things....but this one in particular really caught our eye!  Brooch Bouquets.  Here is the scoop: You collect brooches, earrings, pendants, watches, cuff links and any other personal jewels or sentimental items that reflect you,  your fiancé, a family member, and so forth.... Once you collect 50-60 pieces, you send it in and she’ll take your box of sparkly things, create a magical work of art by adding a few of her own, and ship it to you in just one week’s time. Your keepsakes and heirlooms are with you for your special day, and a keepsake of yours that you can cherish forever.

We spoke with Amanda Heer, the founder of Brooch Bouquets, who told us, "That the brooch bouquet idea has caught the eyes of brides worldwide. Vintage brooch bouquets being shipped over to Dubai and are even frequently sent to Italy, always becoming a highlight of the day."

Amanda doesn't just stop with bouquets. Grooms can wear a vintage brooch bouteinner, which requires only 10-20 sentimental items. Amanda tells us, "The bouteinner is held together with matching ribbon from the bouquet and is folded like a badge." And If we hadn't already LOVED Brooch Bouquets there is more....you can even have your own personalized vintage style cake topper ! We love the opportunity to have that unique and personal touch on your special day.

So let Brooch Bouquets turn your something old into something new and everlasting!

Going from vintage trends to glittery fun Bedazzle my Bonbon is another favorite of MDE. Bedazzle my Bonbon originally started from a tube of glitter lipstick and is now producing glitter chocolate bon bon’s that are one of Martha Stewart’s favorite favors!

We spoke with Bedazzle my Bonbons owner Sasha Vincent and she told us, “I have been wearing a glitter lipstick since I was 15 years old. People have always wanted to buy my lipstick and it has always been the topic of conversation, but it is something that is my own personal signature and I didn't want everyone in the world running around with the same fabulous glittered lips. Then I thought...everything has been bedazzled EXCEPT chocolate!! There you have it....I combined my two favorite things....chocolate and glitter and made a bedazzzling bonbon out of it!!”

Glamorous hand-dipped chocolates dusted with edible glitter and colorful powders are perfect for any occasion or event. The chocolates are handmade from a blend of Swiss and Belgian chocolates and are available in different edible colors with bedazzling names such as, precious pink, vivacious violet, and sophisticated silver. Perfect for event keepsakes, the bonbons can be taken home in boxes of one, two or four bonbons, of course the boxes are bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

Sasha told us, “The reaction from the people when they see and taste the bonbons is enough inspiration for me. The bonbons are such a conversation starter and the client always tells me they are the talk and hit of every party.” Sasha says, “The best thing about my job is the reaction I see on people's faces when they first see their bonbons!  The bonbons make people so happy and I LOVE all the fabulous emails and photo's I receive from clients everyday who are just so excited about the product.”

Bedazzle my Bonbons is the glitter chocolate of any season and any party. Custom orders for every client that do not disappoint, will leave all guests smiling. Remember…”You eat the entire ball……glitter and all!”

We hope that these two fabulous companies have helped you find a little of your inner fabulous!

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