A mid summer night’s look back…. at summer so far …

August 18, 2011

As I am sitting in my house on this lovely summer night in August, computer on my lap, answering emails, updating the company facebook page (and of course my own) I began thinking about how much can happen in a year…and what a year it has been!

Last year at this time we were preparing for our very first official wedding as Michelle Durpetti Events. We had planned, promoted, (agonized and stressed over), executed and survived a launch event , (while also promoting a name change), officially catapulted ourselves into the fabulous world of weddings, all the while working on multiple private and non profit events. I thought everything was going great until one day, seemingly in the blink of an eye, everything changed. My staff was gone, the office felt enormous and empty and I was paralyzed by fear of the unknown.


And then one day, while hosting interviews for a position at the company, a young, smart, dynamic go-getter named Courtney Gerring came in, got the job and has been the best thing that has ever happened to the company, and things started to look up and feel exciting again…Then again, something else – one night, at about 3 am (as is always the case with me and HUGE ideas), I woke up with the idea of shooting a three page ad spread to illustrate the story behind wedding production. And low and behold, some of the finest vendors in all the land came on board, bringing their enthusiasm, creative talent and support along with. And just like that, we shot what  is still one of the coolest projects I have ever been a part of. I still love the finish product (Thank you Scott & Cara Nava!)


And so the new year began, we started bringing our client’s weddings to life, and as the cold of winter thawed into the warmth of spring we were moving at 150 miles an hour at the company and I was balancing weddings, horses and a whole bunch of stuff – and loving every single minute!



With the addition of Emily Weinstein to the team in May of this year, we have had a truly great summer of hard work, creativity and laughter, and I could not have asked for more from both Emily and Courtney, our brides and our vendors. Such a great summer so far!


I majored in art history in college, and what I love most about the subject is learning the story behind the piece. This is actually why I love our “Every Bride Has a Story”  philosophy, because one of the things I have loved learning is the stories behind my clients – how they met, where he proposed, why they chose a certain song…Part of our job is to take all of the various threads of our client’s lives and weave them into this most important day, and for me that too is also a work of art! It has been such a privilege and pleasure to be a part of the stories we have been able to tell this summer, and as we look forward to a busy fall and holiday (yikes! already!?) season, we are left feeling grateful, inspired and excited (and ok, maybe occasionally a little tired, but who cares! We are having too much fun!) for every single moment that we get to do this job that never feels like work, and brings some of the most talented, hard working, awesome vendors, friends, and clients into our lives…not to mention FABULOUS events!



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