6 Things You Didn't Know About: Sasha Vincent

September 13, 2011

Sasha Vincent's mantra, "born to be glitzy" seems to parallel her shining business, Bedazzle My Bonbons. Sasha is the founder and President of BMB. Originally hailing from the United Kingdom, her British cheekiness combined with her entrepreneurial streak spawned her new and glamorous concept in chocolates. Her outrageous trademark of wearing glittering lipstick was the inspiration for her new line of chocolate truffles now known today as Bedazzle My Bonbons. These delicious sparkling balls of joy have chocolate aficionados and glitter diva's in a feeding frenzy! By simply taking a typicaly boring, chocolate truffle and adding an edible glitter coating on top, Sasha has added a whole new element and color to the world of chocolate!

1. I swear I used to be a drag queen in her past life. Seriously, my style and taste have always just been WAY TOO FAAAAAAABULOUS for the average woman!


2. If I could have all my teeth rhinestoned permanently, I would (Swarovski, of course!). You can never have enough bling in my book!

3. My cats are my children, my whole world, and when I die they will be my sole heirs (providing I have not spent all of my money on my shoe addiction!).

4. I am married to my business, it is much better this way, keeps me out of trouble!

5. I LOVE everything about the Disco Era: the fashion, the music, the flamboyancy.

6. My goal is to be 50 and retired or rather, "50 and FAAAAAAAABULOUS," with a 25 year old cabana boy at my beck and call - sporting no shirt, just a glittered bow tie , all while serving her bonbons on the beach of Tahiti!

For Bonbon inquiries, contact Sasha at:

 Telephone: 321-327-5550

Fax: 813-428-5764

Email: info@bedazzlemybonbons.com

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