Green Acres is the place for me!…On the Farm, and lovin’ It!

September 10, 2011

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” Bo Bennet

Here at Michelle Durpetti Events, we love our job! Which is a really good thing, because we work – alot! And, when you do something continuously, staying inspired is an integral part of staying passionate and dedicated about what you do. We are always seeking inspiration from any and every corner of our lives (we often write about what inspires us on, you should check it out!). I actually LIVE to be inspired. There are few things I like better than the feeling that I get when an idea begins to form in my mind. Except of course, for the fact that often times I get to use that idea to help bring a client’s wedding or event to life! I actually keep a notebook on my nightstand because sometimes I will wake up around 3 AM with a new idea, and have learned that jotting it down and attempting to go back to sleep is the best course of action.


I garner the most fun kind of inspiration at random moments, like flipping through a fashion magazine, attending a really fabulous party, and most recently – even the previews for the new fall lineup on television got me thinking! However, what I like best is when I feel inspired by something or someone in my life.  I have two passions in life: Creating beautifully orchestrated events for my clients, and my horses. The farm where my horses live is one of my most favorite places. There are acres of green, surrounded by fields of corn. It is peaceful, and on the breeze often a quiet sense of freedom. It is where I go to slow my brain down. It is with my horses that I exhale, and feel happiness. It is without a doubt my happy place, picturesquely nestled into a corner of the (very) western suburbs. Owning, managing, and operating my own business is a dream and a privilege and I LOVE IT – but, having balance in life is really important. Some people golf, or paint. My father is an avid boater, some read. My point is that everyone has that one thing which is the cornerstone of the passion and joy they feel in life.


For me, that passion, joy and ultimately balance is found with horse back riding. Now, some might wonder how a past time and sport such as riding could provide peace, given that it is alot of hard work, requires much dedication and practice, and takes emotion and passion and a never ending drive to succeed. It doesn’t sound so peaceful when you look at it from that point of view, I know. But when I am on a horse, My mind can only focus on that single moment, on that very instant. If not, any rider at any moment can end up looking up from the ground at her horse, with the acute understanding that it is most certainly the wrong angle! And, what can I say? I find hard work inspiring. The more that I work, and the more I have to strive towards, the better and more blessed I feel. This is how we are in my family and here at MDE!


Earlier this week, the incredibly talented Scott & Cara Nava of Carasco Photography were able to join me, Courtney, Emily and many of my fellow riders up at the barn, spending a gloriously sunshiny day shooting my most favorite and inspiring “someones” – my horses! And the shoot is just the beginning…Check back later this month for more to come on Equestrian inspired tablescapes! I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Scott & Cara, as well as Greg & Marcia Franklin, and Allie Qutub of Canterbury Farm for making this most special day come to life (to attempt to thank each of them for the myriad of things that they bring to my life would require a volume of blogs, so we will leave it at that). Below are a few images I am so excited to share with all of you!


I hope you find inspiration, passion and joy today!

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