Alexandra Jusino

6 Things You Don't Know About Alexandra Jusino

October 11, 2011

Alexandra Justino of Exquisite Designs is just that...she's creative, kind, flower savvy...and of course EXQUISITE (and so are her floral designs)! Alex a dear friend of MDE and a brilliant florist (see a few of her fabulous creations below). With an eye for beauty, she is always able to capture her client's vision(s) and with a unique and special touch for their special events! Alex knows what works, but best of all, she is not afraid to use vibrant colors and be a little daring with her authentic design aesthetic! For more on Alex, here are 6 things that you didn't know about her..until now! Enjoy everyone and happy Tuesday!

1. I am a closet lover of the opera. Anything Pucci and hands down La Traviata by Verdi is my favorite opera. As they say with the opera you don't listen to it...You feel it!

2. I loathe name tags with a passion. I refuse to wear them for more than ten minutes. Just come on up and ask my name...I'm actually quite friendly.


3. I actually have a civil engineering degree from Purdue University and worked in construction for a good five years. Hard hats, construction boots, jeans, and a comfy name it. There is nother like being a woman in a sea of men. I sure do miss the attention walking around the job site. The last building I built was called 520 North Michigan. Which is now called the Shops of North Bridge.

4. I used to work at a mailing center while in college. You can get to know a person even when you don't know them by the mail they get. Just like Newman in Seinfeld...all you have to do is look at the mail and you know everything about them...what they do for a living, their wealth, if they have a family and their age. It's all right there by the mail they get.

5. I'm originally from Puerto Rico and I work very hard to make sure you can't tell that I have an accent. Most people think I'm from elsewhere...I've heard Russia, Greek, Italian...but no it's all Puerto Rico.

6. I can parallel park like nobody's business.

Here are some lovely samples of Alex's work:


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