6 Things You Don't Know About: Peggy Lambert!

November 29, 2011

Peggy Lambert is the Senior Designer and Co-Owner of Erickson Design, which is a custom invitation company with a commitment to GREEN (i.e., using local and recycled paper). Not only does this wonderful company produce outstanding invitations for all occasions, they are eco-conscious. For every invitation set that Erickson Design creates, they plant a tree! Peggy is a dear friend of ours here at MDE. She is super creative and loves what she does (which is easily displayed through her brilliant work!). Peggy enjoys getting to know her clients too, so that she can thoroughly understand their invitation vision and expectations. If this isn't enough bragging about how GREAT Peggy is, we can go on...the woman is an AMAZING artist! To check out some samples of Peggy's amazing work, click here!



1. I don't dance in public if I can help it but I LOVE to dance with my girls in my office with Madonna blaring!


2. I need to sleep on a very flat pillow. Bill calls it my dishtowel. The flatter the better and it's great if it's cold.

3. I don't love being scared or Halloween so most of my life I have thrown parties because this way I can control the scare level. It's rather controlling but that's okay. Boo!

4. Bill and I got married 12 years ago today in Miami on a cruise. Now some of you may not realize this, nor did we, but we hate cruises. In addition, going on your honeymoon with 36 other people, not the best planning ever. In the end it doesn't matter. I am married to the best guy in the world for me. We work 3 feet away from eachother everyday and are still having a great time! Marriage is what you make of it and we have made it pretty darn wonderful.

5. I am a lefty and I love it. It's weird sometimes because so many things are made to be done right handed but it's pretty fun to be special and unique. It's a small club that I share with two of my closest friends, my parents! The only child out of four that was honored with left-handedness.

6. I love Diet Coke ice cold in a can. I don't like it out of a plastic 2 liter bottle that has been sitting on the counter, or coming out of a crazy fizzy thing at a fast food place or the same dispenser as the other "soft drinks" at a bar. I only like it in a can and cold. Otherwise you can serve me a Tanqueray and Tonic with two limes, a micro brew from a local brewery, or any good red wine. I am generally laid back but not when it comes to my drinks!

We are looking forward to working with Peggy (and Erickson Design) on Brides, Bubbles & Bliss at the Bridgeport Art Center on March 7, 2012!


Check out this ADORABLE Save the Date that Peggy created for our June 18, 2011 Bride and Groom, Erin & Josh!

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