6 Things we are Loving!

October 18, 2012

With the changing of seasons we have been embracing lots of new things! Here are just a few things that we are currently really loving.

1. Lucite boxes. Although birdcages have been super popular for gift cards for awhile we are loving this fresh spin! Lucite boxes add a modern touch to any gift table. We love this one with the hardware details!

2. Although carved pumpkins are traditional (and yield delicious seeds!), we are loving taking a less dangerous approach to pumpkin decoration! The pumpkins pictured above are decorated with melted crayons, but you could literally use anything to decorate! Paint, glitter, sequins, googley eyeballs, let your imagination run wild! If you aren’t talented with a knife, or don’t want to deal with pumpkin guts, this is the way to go! And, as a bonus, they won’t rot as quickly so you can enjoy them longer.

3. We always love a fresh take on traditional wedding staples and are adoring the ring designs from Twist! A collection of handpicked designers, Twist offers stunning non-traditional rings. We love this unusual ring, with it’s brown diamond and rounded band.

4. We recently bought the 18th addition of Emily Post’s Etiquette book and it is such a source of inspiration! From walking the dog to holding a glass of wine, we can turn to this book for guidance in any situation.

5. Short hair is a fall trend and half our MDE team has followed suit! Emily and Rachel have recently cut inches off their hair and look fabulously chic!

6. We always love sweets, but are especially loving Truffle Truffle right now! Their wide array of candies and sweets can be customized for your event in anyway imaginable! We love, love, love the beer pretzels and bon bons they did for a recent event at Gene and Georgetti.

What are you loving this fall season?

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