St. Joseph’s Day

March 19, 2013

St. Joseph’s Day, also known as The Feast Of St. Joseph or La Festa di San Giuseppe, is celebrated today, March 19th!

Traditionally held two days after St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph’s Day has the strongest roots and traditions in Italy and it commemorates the feast day of St. Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary.

On Western calendars since the 10th century, St. Joseph’s Day was accepted in Rome in 1479 and added to the General Roman Calendar for celebration in 1621.

Zeppole is a DELICIOUS Italian pastry long associated with celebrating St. Joseph’s day – Gene & Georgetti restaurant passes them out every year in honor of the holiday! So, wish the fathers in your life a happy day today and we hope YOU take the time to enjoy a little zeppole!!! Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!

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