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April 10, 2014

Party Politics

With a background in major political and corporate functions, Chicago-based Michelle Durpetti Events offers unparalleled logistics for your big day

photo courtesy of North Shore Photography
photo courtesy of North Shore Photography


After starting her career coordinating high-powered political events for families like the Obamas + Clintons, among others, Michelle Durpetti knows a thing or two about the nuances of planning. “We did very large-scale, intricately timed events, and we sort of parlayed those skills into our approach to planning weddings,” Durpetti says. “So now what separates us from other planners is that when you invest with us, it’s really about creating a timeline and keeping track of all the vendors and all the quotes. Our strength is really logistical.”

Making that kind of oversight a priority, Durpetti says, is a step that too many brides tend to overlook. “Some brides think that this is a luxury item that I don’t need to afford myself,” she says. “And I disagree, because I think ultimately, when you’re a planner that does your job correctly, vendors are relieved that you’re involved.”

While planning out the celebration, Durpetti actually plots details down to the minute—from welcoming wine pours to the first dance to the best-man toast. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan: during one of Durpetti’s favorite weddings, a guest bumped into the bride, spilling red wine all over her gown. Luckily, after some blotting and baby powder to soak up the stain, the party was back up and running. “In all reality, it’s not about the wedding; it’s about the marriage,” Durpetti says. “I love going on this journey with our clients and getting them to the point where they’re celebrating their marriage, enjoying the day, surrounded by love from their family and friends, and not stressed out at all because we’re handling the details.”

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Photo courtesy of Dayna Schroeder Photography

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