Sterling's Travels; an overview of Brazil, an ideal honeymoon location!

July 1, 2014

As you know, the MDE team likes to travel! Emily explored the far East in December, Michelle is always bouncing around the country, and I (Sterling) recently traveled to Brazil, for some exploration and relaxation. Traveling is something that keeps us sharp, inspired and happy, which ensures that when we are in the throes of wedding season, we can draw on our international adventures to motivate us! Brazil was an amazing experience, and although it's a huge country, I really feel that our itinerary took us to all the places we were dying to see! My roommate, her sister, and I, planned the itinerary ourselves, with lots of help from TripAdvisor and, and here are my pointers for an ideal honeymoon location, or just a fabulous vacation!

We decided to begin, and end, our trip in Rio de Janiero, as it was the easiest city for us to fly in and out of. And, of course, we  wanted to check out the beaches and the World Cup buzz! We chose to stay in the Ipanema area of the city, which was close to the beach and had lots of restaurants. I would definitely recommend Ipanema and Copacabana to anyone traveling to Rio, as they are right on the beach and have lots of trendy hotels. These beautiful cities make for a romantically ideal honeymoon location!


Some of my favorite things to do in Rio included hang gliding, visiting Christ the Redeemer, samba dancing and laying on the beach. We hired a phenomenal tour guide, by the name of Madson, who was extremely knowledgable about the city, and allowed us to see so much of the city, that we wouldn't have seemed out on our own. I would highly recommend him!


The next stop on the itinerary was Salvador, and this was one of my favorite places we visited. It helped that we stayed at the most amazing hotel called Aram Yami. Not only was the hotel phenomenal, Salvador was so packed full of history, that it was just fascinating. We stayed in the historic area, also known as Pelourinho, and this made all the difference.

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