IN & OUT: Floral Trends (part two)

June 3, 2015

As event planners, we are constantly collaborating with top vendors whom are truly experts in what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable and creative, they have a viewpoint unlike any other noting the trends that come, that go… and creating brand new trends themselves! This week our ‘IN & OUT‘ series will hear from a few of our floral friends. We can expect to hear the down and dirty truth about what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ as we begin the summer!

Renee Price :: Kehoe Designs

Senior Designer with more than 11 years at Kehoe Designs
Full-Service décor including lighting, A/V, fabric, art and floral design.


What’s OUT for Summer 2015?

Solid colored, neutral table linen such as champagne or ivory, will always have its place in weddings, however this spring and summer there is a resurgence of linens with patterns and textures…floral appliqués, gold threading, bold graphic lines. Utilizing texture and pattern, no matter the color be it bold or neutral, will add that umph to the room that separates it from being a lovely, typical wedding to one that stands out and is different. Remember, layering is key to creating a stylish look! Check out this video where I discuss linen patterns.

What’s IN for Summer 2015?

Greenery! I love everything about it. Maidenhair fern, silal, variegated tree ivy, scented geranium leaves, mint….it makes arrangements incredibly lush and natural and also does a fabulous job of helping color “pop” in an arrangement. Also, the floral “cascade” or “waterfall” is of the moment right now and works great on rectangle tables – what is better than loads of floral cascading of the end of a table to the floor?!

Recent Photos from MDE Events featuring Kehoe Designs


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