IN & OUT: Photography Trends (part two)

August 3, 2015

As event planners, we are constantly collaborating with top vendors whom are truly experts in what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable and creative, they have a viewpoint unlike any other noting the trends that come, that go... and creating brand new trends themselves! This week our 'IN & OUT' series will hear from a few of our wedding professional friends. We can expect to hear the down and dirty truth about what is 'in' and what is 'out' as we begin the summer!

Rebecca Ickes :: Rebecca Marie Photography

Owner & lead photographer at Rebecca Marie Photography & Design.
We customize photographic collections to suit each person we work with.


What's OUT for Summer 2015?

Out for 2015 are filtered photos. Sure we all love to pop on a good “Reyes” filter in Instagram and brighten up those dark date-night-out snaps, but filters have no place on top of wedding photos. You spent hours tediously deciding on the perfect color of your bridesmaids dresses, so why ruin that by fading the color and adding a yellow or pink tint? At Rebecca Marie Photography & Design we believe in creating timeless imagery and an intrinsic part of that is our approach to editing. The stories these images display are going to be shared for generations. We want you to be proud 50 years later when you show off how amazing they still look.

What's IN for Summer 2015?

We love noticing an increased appreciation from our clients for tangible heirloom pieces. While it’s fun to post digital photos up on Facebook, we have no idea what technology will look like in 10 years, let alone 50, and couples are starting to recognize digital is not the way to hold onto these once-in-a-lifetime photos forever. Our couples love the piece of mind that comes with our lifetime guaranteed albums. They love knowing they’ll be able to show future grandkids who they were as a young couple because the canvas on their wall is protected against the sun for 100 years.

Recent Photos from Rebecca Marie Photography

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