Grateful for 2016!

December 22, 2016

What a year 2016 has been! So many blessings. So much work! A year full of accomplishments, learning, change, laughter and love. Personally, this was the my best year yet. To mark that, 6 deserving organizations received donations in honor of our loved ones and valued customers + clients this year. 

For our young cousins, we supported The Birthday Party Project, so that they can always remember how fortunate we all are to celebrate birthdays in warm, loving homes. 

In honor of our dear friends, donations were made to Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Illinois Horse Rescue Of Will County and A Just Harvest – recognizing that all living beings, human, equine, feline, canine and everything else should have dignity, delicious food and shelter. 

In honor of our amazing, supportive patrons and investors at our three businesses; Gene & Georgetti Rosemont, Gene & Georgetti Chicago and The Estate, and Michelle Durpetti Events, donations were made to Hephzibah Children’s Association and Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding Nfp. so that more children can have the care, love and programs that they need to become their very best selves. 

Last, Gene & Georgetti will proudly feed 100 deserving individuals this holiday through Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago

We are so incredibly proud of this effort and wanted all of you to know that we are thankful for you, thankful for our incredible blessings this year, and hopefully we can spread a little inspiration to give as much as we spread holiday cheer. Sending you much love ❤️

Thank you to Carasco Photography for the image and Erickson Design for the card design.

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