5 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Planners

November 29, 2017,

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Whether you’re newly engaged or you’ve been planning for months, we always love hearing from brides and grooms! One of the top questions we’re asked is whether we think you should work with a wedding planner. While this is a completely personal decision (just like every other professional you may or may not choose to hire!), we can tell you we always offer the same answer each and every time: YES.

As long as you’re working with the right wedding planner for you and your wedding, you will likely feel rather quickly as though you don’t know how you could plan your wedding without help from a planner. Planners are quick to offer suggestions when you’re searching for other wedding pros, they’re more than happy to learn about family dynamics (in fact, they need to know!), they can pull together all of the logistics for your wedding into a timeline that keeps everyone on the same page, and you will rarely find your planner sitting down on your wedding day (despite what their feet tell them).

While these professionals may seem as though they have magical powers, there are five things you need to know in order to allow your planner to do her job to the best of her ability:

Unlike a photographer, videographer, or florist, for example, a planner is solely creating an experience for you rather than creating an experience and providing a product. As a result, sometimes planners are categorized as an “expense” for a wedding. However, we beg to differ. Wedding planners allow you to invest in your wedding day.

Just like other wedding professionals, wedding planners have a roster of pros they love to suggest for your wedding day team. This is because most planners plan many weddings each year. When piecing together a team, planners know who will work well together and keep your best interests at heart. Plus, they also know the professionals who will mesh well with your personality, budget, and style.

Further, as your wedding day approaches, your planner will begin to pull together all of your logistics. She (or he) will become the point of contact for your team (if this hasn’t already happened), which will allow you to answer less questions and focus on enjoying the final weeks of your engagement. On your wedding day, your planner will know every last detail (really and truly) about your day, and she will be ready and waiting to put everything into motion.

Simply put, trust us when we say you will be able to feel the difference when working with a planner. Your stress level will be lower, you will make better, clearer decisions because you have a guide you trust, and you will enjoy your wedding day rather than just living it.

Just like you and your fiancé, every wedding planner has a distinct personality. Just because you love a wedding planner’s website or your best friend loved the planner she worked with, does not mean that planner is the right choice for you and your wedding. So, do your research online, over the phone, and in person (if possible!).

No matter if you decide to work with a planner from the beginning of your engagement or you make a decision two months before your wedding to hire a month-of coordinator, you need to make sure you truly like (if not love) your planner. We say this because your wedding planner will likely start to feel like a friend and close confidant. She’s going to ask you so many valuable questions, and your planner will also be with you for (almost) your entire wedding day. So before you hire a planner, ask yourself if you want to spend a lot of time with that person.

If you’re shy, working with a wedding planner with a strong and bold personality may not suit you best. If you’re sarcastic, make sure your wedding planner has a sense of humor too. Just like finding friends, it’s important to mesh well with your pros. If you feel like a planner is a great choice or not quite right, listen to your gut.

We have mentioned this before, but some planners strictly plan while others offer planning AND styling services. Ask all of the questions so you know exactly which services your planner offers...continue reading the original post here!

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