6 Ways to Calm a Bride’s Nerves On Her Big Day, #WeddingWednesday

April 11, 2018,

6 Tips To Help Every Bride Feel Wedding Ready

It’s the morning of the wedding, and the stomach butterflies won’t stop fluttering. Don’t fret, it’s totally normal! After all, it is the most important day of a bride’s life! Here are 6 tips to help calm a bride's nerves throughout the day and enjoy every moment!

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Tip #1: Have a Drink
When the nerves start kicking in, have a sip of champagne or wine! After all this is a celebration of love and you deserve to raise a toast to yourself! We suggest sticking to clear liquids to avoid raising the anxiety brought on by a sudden red wine stain on your pretty white dress!

Tip #2: Shake It Off
Try to remember to enjoy the day. If things aren’t going as planned, take advice from Taylor Swift and remember to just ‘shake it off’! Literally though, throw some of your favorite tunes on and have a sing-along/dance party with your bridesmaids. This will help bring down the anxiety, release some of that stress and remind you to have fun!

Tip #3: Sneak Away
It’s easy to lose focus of what this day really is about: you and your groom. If nerves are high, we suggest sneaking away with your groom before the ceremony to share a moment together and get away from the crowds, planning and expectations of the day! Take a stroll, or stand together and just breathe.

Tip #4: Reminisce
As a bridesmaid, you can help your bride relax by helping her reminisce and tell stories about her and her groom. Try asking questions about how they met, how he proposed, etc.. It will instantly make the bride smile and relax. Be sure to have some tissues on hand, as this might cause some happy tears!

Photo Credit: Collin Pierson Photography

Photo Credit: Peter Gubernaut Photography

Tip #5: Talk about the Future
Bridesmaids, ask your bride about the future to refocus her attention on the bigger picture versus fretting on smaller details. Ask her about her honeymoon, and offer some advice, travel tips that will get her visualizing her vacation. Talking about travel and her plans post-wedding will help her calm down and visualize the amazing future with her husband-to-be!

Tip #6: Take It All In
We always try to remind our couples to take it all in and enjoy the evening. During the reception, take a moment to step aside with the groom and scan the room, and remember that everyone in the room is there to celebrate you!

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