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Spring in New York is always such a lovely idea, especially when it is New York Bridal Fashion Week! We are in the big apple once again, bringing all of our favorites designers and their new collections right to you, which is so fun!

Thursday was the first official day of NYBFW, and we started our day bright and early with designer Gracy Accad. Gracy was inspired by her life long love of ballet for her new collection. Full of light and airy pieces, including hand painted details it was romantic and fun and it felt really approachable to me. Gracy Accad likes to stay true to her love of textiles, textures, and refined embellishment and she really did that – I wanted to keep seeing more!

After Gracy, we dashed across the city (which is the norm during NYBFW. The shows are never close by or in any kind of natural order so you spend half the day in the car just trying to get places, LOL). Theia was next up, and it was incredible! Inspired by all things royal (definitely something that has been very prominent this year because of the upcoming royal wedding), the collection included signature ball gowns, gilded scroll work, and baroque tapestry brocades. The hair and makeup were gorgeous also. I am always a fan of a gorgeous crown! The signature ball gowns included crystal and pearl encrusted bodices, and ornate crystal beadwork actually inspired by tiaras and crown jewels. The collection definitely felt regal!