Fun Bridesmaids Facts, Did You Know...

April 4, 2018

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Many of us know what its like to be a bridesmaid; exciting, flattering and all around fun. These facts we found put the experience into perspective through numbers!!!!

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The Dresses
64% of brides chose to have their bridesmaids wear the same color, but not our bride Rachel! Having different colored dresses can ensure that your bridesmaids get a color that flatters them.

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Each year there are 11 million bridesmaids!!!!


Maid of Honor
91% of brides elect to have a Maid of Honor. Some of the MOH’s duties include: giving a toast to the couple at the reception, being the bride’s right hand woman during the whole process (engagement through reception!) and keeping a record of gifts so the bride can make sure everyone gets the right thank you note!

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How Many?
On average, bridal parties include 5 bridesmaids, like our bride Sam!

If you are chosen to be a bridesmaid you are trusted, loved and cherished by the bride. It is an honor to be apart of her special day!

Fun Facts Source: LookLoveSend

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