MDE Partners With Traveluxe Official!

May 30, 2018

From the wedding to the honeymoon, MDE has our couples covered as we are proud to introduce our new partnership with Traveluxe Official! Plan the perfect getaway with our favorite travel concierge and receive a truly personalized travel experience.

This free service works as your liaison and concierge for your travel needs ensuring that you are treated as a VIP client every step of the way. Traveluxe Official takes your individual needs in to consideration to create the ultimate honeymoon or getaway experience, with every last detail kept in mind!

Sip in style on the beautiful beaches of Mexico, take in the beauty of St. Lucia from your open room, or escape to Tahiti in a private bungalow over the crystal clear water. Traveluxe Official can provide quotes and coordinate all of the following for your experience:
-Excursions and tours
-Meal reservations
-Spa treatment reservations
-Private dinners
-So much more!

Stay tuned for a monthly blog series dedicated to highlighting gorgeous properties, tips and tricks, and exclusive opportunities through Traveluxe Official – we can’t wait to share more with you!


Get started booking your destination experience today HERE, we know you’ll be in great hands!

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