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Thursday, May 31st was a day that I will not soon forget. I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of being at The Estate in Rosemont, Illinois (which is the venue that we created a few years back!) with the MDE team and our colleagues from Turnkey Hospitality to partake in a workshop presented by The Kesh Experience, and my friend, immense talent Akeshi Akinseye.



At a Kesh Experience workshop, participants learn the fundamentals of floral and event design, layering, tabletop essentials, branding and marketing your business, sourcing and have the opportunity to get hands-on experience creating a real event. Attendees are given the tools and guidance to create lush and over the top arrangements, bouquets, creative floral designs and more. The workshop seeks to inspire the confidence to create, design, and discover your own personal style. In addition, Akeshi teaches the mechanics behind how we build our lush centerpieces, bouquets and floral arrangements. So admittedly, this was something that I have been DYING to do since I have known Akeshi. First, because I am obsessed with her floral, and second because I love to learn new things about the industry that I am in. I feel that it makes me a better planner, and a more well rounded person.