Michelle Writes For Bridal By Aga

September 19, 2018

Makeup Artist, Motivator, Friend.  Three words that describe Aga from Bridal By Aga.  Michelle recently received the invitation to write for Bridal By Aga’s blog and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you.  Michelle and Aga have been great friends for many years and enjoy the opportunity to work together quite often.  Read what Michelle has to say about this makeup icon and a bit about the initial steps of planning Aga’s wedding!

“I have had the immense pleasure and privilege of knowing Aga Kaskiewicz for many years. I actually knew Aga before I opened my business ten years ago. I even knew her before I was out of college if you can believe it! She has always been such a light, and someone that I love working with because she really dedicates herself to constantly improving her craft. From leaving a job that she had and going into business for herself to now flying between coasts to be part of creative conferences, fashion weeks and shoots all over the country, Aga has always loved every single minute of what she does. She has been doing my makeup for me for years, and I love sitting in her chair because she makes me feel comfortable and excited about putting my best face forward. That feeling is a really valuable one, and it speaks to more than just aesthetics. Confidence and a sense of self-love make inner beauty radiate out into the world, and that is one of the things I love best about working with Aga. I especially love working with her on weddings as she is always so caring of each bride, her bridesmaids and the day overall. She takes such care making sure that each bride she works with feels comfortable, while radiant on her wedding day, and that is no small job!

In addition to knowing Aga for so long, I have also known her fiancé, Ron. These two have style and chemistry cornered. Along with agelessness. Seriously, their humor, dedication to each other, support of one another and serious rock-n-roll chic style effortlessly sets them apart, and always inspires me to use the term “couple goals” (a term that I just don’t use, LOL).

Here in Chicago, when the Cubs have their home opener each season it is a big deal. It is a tradition that we all get together and celebrate the coming of summer and baseball, of course! (Admittedly, Aga is not so much into the baseball but is always celebrating her friendships). This year, as can happen in Chicago in May, it snowed during the home opener and it was canceled. We remained at a friend’s bar near Wrigley Field (Roadhouse 66 is amazing, you should check it out!), and this was where Ron pulled me aside to tell me that he was proposing to Aga during the upcoming trip to London that she planned for them. Aga was going to attend a conference, and knew that Ron would love a weekend to London so she planned both, but little did she know that Ron had planned something as well!

It was such an honor to know what was about to happen, and also a really hard secret to keep! Speaking from my wedding planner side, Ron knocked the proposal right out of the park! There are spectacular photos throughout London from that day (Aga had already planned a lifestyle shoot for them, with a photographer and Ron lined it all up so beautifully!) and Aga was completely surprised. I was glued to social media to see the images, send my love and feel all of the feels! I was so incredibly excited for my friends. Having known Aga as long as I have, and considering her not only an expert that I refer my valued clients to but also a dear friend, I was over the moon for her engagement. It was even more special to me personally because Aga had just been with me on my wedding day about 5 months prior to her engagement. So this was a really special time for all of us, and I loved having that shared moment.” …continue reading on Aga’s website, click here!

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