6 Awesome Design + Decor Ideas For Your Fall Wedding

October 2, 2018,

Let’s face it, summer is a season that gets all the attention, but fall is a truly magical time of year to get married. From the crisp air to the gorgeous colors of the trees, there are tons of reasons to have an autumn wedding. Here are a few ways to bring the best elements of fall into your wedding design and decor.

Photo Credit: Robert & Klara Swiderski

{ Autumn-esque escort cards } 
Escort cards are a chance to show off some personality and have a little fun when guiding guests toward their seating arrangements. You could gather leaves from outside and have a calligrapher write the names of your guests and table numbers as an easy way to bring fall to your reception. Or, you could also hang your escort cards from tree branches! It will be a bold attention-grabbing way to greet your guests and it screams fall. No matter what you decide there are many ways to complement the season with escort cards.

{ Fall treats } 
In addition to your wedding cake, or in lieu of, think about serving a buffet of festive fall treats! From pumpkin pies to make-your-own s’mores stations, there are tons of sweet desserts to choose from. Offer candy apples, caramel hard candies (or seasonal juicy fruits like pears, figs and pomegranates for a healthier alternative) to really get your guests in the fall spirit!

{ Nature-inspired centerpieces } 
Steer away from the typical floral centerpiece and incorporate the rustic vibe of fall into each table. A tree slice or small log in the middle of the table would instantly create a woodsy element to the table. Fill a tall vase with branches or curly willows for a more curated rustic look, or do a combination of both for variety. If you’re looking to add some color to the tablescape consider pumpkins or forest-green moss centerpieces in classic garden pots. Whatever way you decide to go, a unique piece of nature is sure to capture the attention of your guests.

Photo Credit: Robert & Klara Swiderski

{ Color scheme } 
No season is more closely reminiscent of a particular color palette than autumn. Fall brings about thoughts of burgundy, deep oranges, dark yellows, fiery red, and the list goes on. Pick a combination of these standout hues, such as crimson and gold or cream and wine, and use them throughout your wedding reception and ceremony decor.

Photo Credit: Collin Pierson Photography

{ Woodsy ceremony backdrop } 
Whether you create an arch full of dark-hued florals or branches and berries, you can’t go wrong incorporating nature staples of the fall season. Work with your florist to pick flowers for your arch that are in season like gorgeous dahlias, roses, and autumn foliage to save money. This can later double as a picturesque backdrop for family and bridal party photos.

Photo Credit: Collin Pierson Photography

{ Candles } 
Line your aisle with them, set them on every table, or hang them from the rafters at your venue. Candlelight is not only romantic but creates a glowing hue that works well with for a cozy fall wedding. They are an easy and low-budget way to add a romantic, warm vibe to the decor.

Fall weddings are a great opportunity for couples to get creative with their decor. With more weddings taking place in September and October, why not play up the unique elements that make autumn the best season of the year?

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