A Few Travel Tips!

December 5, 2018,

Hello there! It has been quite an adventurous last few months and I have been traveling quite a bit. From a wedding in New York to a family trip to Italy, and this week back to Cabo for our first ever Engage Summit, being on the road is a really common occurrence for me with work, and even with the horses!

I thought it would be a good idea to include some tips that I use to travel well.

Prep Smart. I like to prepare as much as I can for flights, especially long ones. I pack a day or two before leaving, and often go ride before flying so I can break a good sweat and get my circulation going before being cooped up on a plane. Afterward, I usually go get a blow out for my hair. To make sure I feel really good and comfortable, I dress in breathable, roomy clothes.

Tea. Something else that I do is bring tea bags with me on the plane. I swear by a good cup of tea and when I travel I try to avoid coffee and a lot of salt (I actually start doing this a couple of days prior to leaving as well). I pack my detox tea and a few others like chamomile and peppermint just in case I need them while flying. If you’re traveling to a drastically different time zone, you may want to consider avoiding alcohol and caffeine as they affect how well you sleep – and when you’re trying to beat jet lag, you need all the sleep you can get! I’m not saying you can’t indulge for your whole trip but staying sober and caffeine free on the day you arrive will help your body adjust much better. Then you’re free to drink whatever you want!

Natural Remedies. I also pack a few travel size essential oils including eucalyptus and peppermint oil because they help me with things like headaches and stuffy sinus feelings.

Circulation Booster. One must-have you may not have thought of? Compression socks! I live with an auto immune and hormonal disorder that can get pretty interrupted when traveling and that can include joint inflammation and bloating so I bring the socks, and I rock them out. You can even find some cute ones too!

Book Your Transportation. When I get where I need to be, I like to have a really stress free experience so I plan ahead for my transportation, and I head right to my destination. Often times, a hot shower and a good meal work wonders for me to feel revived and I try to go to sleep early, but within reasonable parameters of whatever time zone I am in.

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