2019 Wedding Trends, Michelle on WGN News!

January 9, 2019,

Did you catch Michelle on WGN's Midday Fix yesterday? She talked all about the hottest trends in weddings for 2019 including creating an inviting experience for your guests via the use of textures and colors. Check out the full segment below!

<iframe width='640' height='480' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen src='//cdn2.trb.tv/iframe.html?ec=1yaG4waDE6xx9uvXJB9fXLscOLRHGE3s&pbid=5d88305d0c6c47eabc12e43063a41c69&pcode=trOTQyOtBWYGl88XLal1pDam4Q-4'></iframe>


Big thank you to Revel Decor and Smitten Boutique for their collaboration in putting this display together.

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