The Latest Groom Trends

June 5, 2019

When it comes to wedding fashion, most of us spend all our time worrying about what brides wear. What kind of gown, maybe a pantsuit? Which shoes - and should all the bridesmaids match? How will they accessorize? But in 2019, gentlemen everywhere are upping the style ante and bringing their A-game to the altar, and I am here for it! I am so lucky because I tend to have some seriously stylish grooms as clients - as we discuss some of my favorite things in groom's fashion this season you will notice that most of the photos included are from my actual grooms! The runway photos are from designer Joseph Aboud, who was a part of the Reem Acra runway in New York at Bridal Fashion week this spring. 

What we are currently loving for Grooms:

Photo Credit : Collin Pierson Photography

A Slim-Fitting Suit

For many years, men who got married simply rented a tux from the local shop and called it a day. As long as they could zip the trousers and button the jacket, it was a win! These days, however, grooms are opting for a slim-fitting, tailored look, which makes them look more comfortable and more classy.

If you (or your man) doesn't own a tailored suit, don't sweat it — you can still rent a tux for the big day! Just make sure you try it on ahead of time and get the proper fit. Look for suits with tapered trousers and a close-fitting jacket.

Also - pro tip, if you rent a tux, please make sure that you buy your shirt. Many times, it is really all the shirt fitting right which can make a HUGE difference with a rental. And while you are at it, buy yourself some shoes too. Rentals are just - eeeeew.

Custom Details

There is nothing that I love more than when a groom can infuse a little of his personal style, and personality into his look. If there is a place that you love to get your cufflinks from then by all means that should be a part of your wedding day! The personally engraved collar stays from the bride was also the sweetest touch!

Photo Credit : Collin Pierson Photography

Bold Colors

Just as the bride is "meant to" wear white on her wedding day, the groom usually feels quite limited in his color choices. Black, gray, navy blue, these are the only colors grooms can wear on their big day… or at least they used to be.

Instead of sticking with a classic color, why not spice up your wedding attire with a suit in a bold color? Wearing bright blue, maroon, or pink will make a big splash at the ceremony! Just make sure to wear a shade that compliments your wedding colors palette.

Photo Credit : Collin Pierson Photography


Not only are modern grooms experimenting with color, but many of them are also getting playful with things like embellishments and floral prints! Either can add a  touch of something unique to the groom's overall look, not to mention a level of rock star chic (there's a reason singer Harry Styles is always rocking the floral print).

Photo Credit : Collin Pierson Photography

The key to this look is pretty simple: be comfortable with a little something extra on a sleeve or find a floral suit in your wedding color palette, accessorize sparingly, and wear it with confidence! If you act like you're feeling your look, everyone else will love it too!

Velvet Chic

Photo Credit : Ann & Kam Photography

Maybe you're the kind of guy that wants to look stylish on his wedding day but wants his look to stay pretty subtle. We know the perfect trend for you: incorporate velvet elements into your look! This trend updates your outfit by adding a unique texture but maintains the classic look of your standard tux.

Obviously, the amount of velvet you add to your look will depend on the weather on your wedding day (no one wants to wear a velvet jacket in the middle of July). But whether you opt for a velvet coat, velvet shoes, or a full velvet suit, this trend will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Reception Look

Photo Credit: Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema

Photo Credit : Ann & Kam Photography

Brides have been doing the "second look" for many years. Essentially, this is a chance for you to change clothes between the ceremony and reception, changing into something that really shows off your personality.

If you're having a very traditional wedding and you want a chance to let loose (and maybe try one of the trends listed above), the reception look is your best bet. I love when my grooms can rock a classic white dinner jacket, it is so timeless and so cool to me. I thought that Carl did a fantastic job with both of his looks (that you can see above!)

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