PartySlate Features Our “Bridle Party”!

July 24, 2019,

We loved seeing this gorgeous Kentucky Derby themed “bridle shower” (see what we did there?!) featured on PartySlate! They compiled “The 9 Bridal Shower Ideas & Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year” and we are so excited that MDE couple, Moira and Lauren’s, wedding shower is featured!

The 9 Bridal Shower Ideas & Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Hosting a bridal shower that’s both memorable and unique is no easy task. In addition to working with a planner, choosing the menu, arranging engaging activities, deciding on décor, and curating the guest list, bridal shower hosts also strive to include special elements that the guest of honor will love. To help you host the perfect celebration, we turned to the experts. Top event planners and designers share bridal shower ideas and this year’s top trends to incorporate into your celebrations.

From the experts at Michelle Durpetti Events in Chicago, Illinois:

What’s your favorite trend you are seeing at bridal showers this summer?
What I am seeing now with my clients is a tendency to create experiences not just at the wedding, but throughout the events celebrating and leading up to the wedding, as well. Engagement parties and bridal showers are really taking on a life of their own when it comes to things like entertainment, décor, and food, and it is really fun as a planner to be able to create a series of events for my clients. I love how guests really look forward to every celebration because of how styled and fun they are!

How do you make a bridal shower represent the guest of honor?
In general, a large part of my job and responsibility to my clients is to work with them so that their celebrations reflect who they are, highlight their love story, and create a really welcoming, fun, and unforgettable experience. To do this, I spend time talking with my clients so I can get to know them. Are they avid equestrians? Do they love to travel? What parts of their lives and their stories can we garner inspiration from? From there, it is all about teaming up with the right partners so that, creatively and logistically, we construct a beautiful event that runs as smoothly as possible.

See the full list on PartySlate, here.

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