Fall Favorites

August 27, 2019

Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means - sweaters! and pumpkins and crisp weather!

And, of course - weddings!  While summer used to be the undisputed “wedding season,” the autumn months are becoming a popular time to get married; according to Weddingwire, 38% of couples got married in the fall last year. It is a really popular time for weddings which I love. Less humidity, gorgeous weather, and fall flavors are all a major win in my book. Some other things that I am noticing this year for fall?

Moody Colors

If there’s one thing fall is famous for, it’s the seasonal colors. The reds, oranges, and yellows of the changing leaves are so well-known, they’ve become a tourist attraction in the U.S.! When it comes to weddings, however, many couples embrace the other color palette of the season: jewel tones.

Think about moody, deep colors like eggplant, ruby, and sapphire. These colors are incredibly elegant and sophisticated, with just enough gothic vibes to make them devastatingly romantic. There’s no better color scheme for a fall wedding. Adding some metallic in to the design softens the deeper colors and adds a little sparkle which is so fun!

Textured Textiles

Fall isn’t just about certain colors — it’s about the cozy fabrics we wear to brace ourselves against the crisp air. Incorporating soft, textured fabrics into your wedding decor is an easy way to evoke that homey, fall feeling that so many of us love!

Consider adding touches of soft materials like velvet to your wedding. A simple table runner, some cushions in the lounge area, or even a velvet ribbon tied around the program can go a long way to adding that extra special touch to your big day decorations.

Seasonal Desserts

Cake is a classic, timeless dessert… but for some couples, it’s a little old-fashioned. These days, some newlyweds are getting creative with their dessert options, offering something that better reflects their personal tastes — or the flavors of the season.

Your wedding is a great time to indulge in some of the classic fall desserts. Instead of cake, offer your guests a warm, flaky mini pie, an apple cider donut, or bread pudding dripping with caramel. Not only will these dishes be unique and original, they’ll help your guests keep warm if the night gets too chilly.

Sleeved Bridal Looks

Kim Kardashian. Alison Williams. Audrey Hepburn. Kate Middleton. Meghan Markle. What do all these ladies have in common? They all got married wearing one of our favorite fall wedding trends: a long-sleeved gown. Wearing sleeves on your wedding day is partly a practical decision (gotta keep warm, after all), but it’s also a classy look that will make you look like a queen!

Of course, no two sleeves are alike. There are countless ways to wear a long-sleeved gown: you can go for lace sleeves like Duchess Kate, poofy sleeves like Audrey, bell sleeves or anything in between.

As you plan your fall wedding, keep these trends in mind and look for fun ways to incorporate them into your vision. If you do, you’ll have a fall wedding that will make everyone “fall” in love!

What are some of your fall favorites? ?

Decor photos: Facibeni Fotografia 

Donut Photos: Jen Lynn Photography

Bridal Fashion Photos: Collin Pierson


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