December 11, 2019

Let’s for a quick second talk about a really special part of being a wedding planner. These beautiful, strong, smart, funny, expressive, passionate, stylish AF and loving women are all MDE brides. Getting to know them throughout the planning journey was just the beginning. I have been able to see them reach milestones within their marriages, careers, and families after their wedding days and it has been awesome. They are not just clients anymore. They have become family. As they move through life, become mothers to some pretty gorgeous babies, and accomplish so many wonderful things - I am so proud of them. And for them. They rock. They are powerhouses. And they inspire me all the time. These women are an integral part of my career and my life. Along with their husbands, parents, siblings and extended families, they are forever in my hearts. It was truly perfection that our last wedding of the decade was within this circle of women. I left last night feeling grateful, happy and full of love. And the fact that I can even write a post like this is pretty unbelievably special.

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