Thanksgiving Table Decor

December 2, 2019

Thanksgiving was so late in the month this year that I almost felt like we’d missed it! So thankful to have spent a wonderful morning cooking with my mother and husband, and a wonderful afternoon feasting with some of my favorite people. This year’s table was a true reflection of so many things that I love; from big, bold and gilded leaves to handmade Italian linens to my mom’s collection of salt and peppers shakers all complemented by fresh greens and a dash of (faux) pheasant feathers. Add in those hand-dipped beeswax tapers (in saffron! ?) for the win along with some of my favorite Cordero di Montezemolo vino, and I was one happy gal. Thank you Revel Decor for those spectacular floral, Northwest Meat for that delicious turkey, and Collin Pierson for being such an amazing chef and photographer all in one! That turkey cake, by the way is from my favorite childhood bakery, Reuters Bakery.

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