5 Steps To Take After Getting Engaged

January 16, 2020,

Congratulations on your engagement!! From this point until the wedding, trust us when we say it will go by in the blink of an eye! We love being here for our clients to take away some of the stress of planning, so you can enjoy your engagement with your new fiancé, the planning process and of course - the wedding!

MDE’s very own Lauren Berman is sharing her five tips when beginning the planning process.

1. Decide on a budget

Each decision you make about your wedding from this point forward is dependent upon your budget. It is important that both you, your fiancé, and possibly your families to be on the same page and have a set number in mind. It is also important to discuss how flexible this number is, and how much you would be comfortable going over if the opportunity arose. (Also, make sure your ring is appraised and insured! If that is done immediately, then no one has to worry about it!)

2. Keep a list of dates on hand

While the availability of a date is dependent on the venue and how far out your wedding is, it is important to have options. Our recommendation? Pick a time of year that you would like to have your wedding take place, and make sure you have a few options in case the venue is not available. Have a list of at least 2 - 4 places that you would love to see, and to consider having your wedding at. Don't get locked in to one place, and risk disappointment. Be open to the possibility of a beautiful wedding day in more than one location!

3. Keep your guest list in mind

When planning, it is important to consider the amount of guests you plan on inviting/attending your big day. Keeping in mind that typically, food, beverage and venue are about half (YES, 50%!!) of your overall budget, you can really help yourself by having a ballpark guest count in mind. It is important that the space is the right fit for what you are trying to create, and it fits comfortably into your budget!

4. Gather inspiration

You most likely have been thinking about your wedding for quite some time, and have a laundry list of ideas in mind. But if not, do not panic! It is ok to have zero idea of what you would like - that is what we are here for!  We love to suggest an old fashioned way of finding inspiration - magazines! Of course Pinterest and Instagram are amazing resources as well, but magazines are a tried and true way to flip through pages of inspiration and pull from multiple sources. These do NOT need to just be wedding publications! Look at design magazines, fashion magazines, travel magazines! All of it can come together to create an amazing idea board from which you can design something so special. This is one of the things we love suggesting to our clients! Do your research and make sure you have elements in mind. This can include color palette, texture, price range, or all of the above. While you may not have everything decided on, this is a great place to start!

5. Hire a planner!!

Arguably the most important step, but we may be biased. A planner is an investment in your wedding that will continue to pay off throughout the planning process. We are here to communicate between vendors, solidify timing, and iron out any kinks that may come up. Most importantly, we ensure that your wedding vision is executed while staying within your budget. I am new to the MDE team - I have been here for about a year now, and I love working with our clients to ensure a smooth process for them. We communicate regularly, organize constantly and make sure that each and every component and creative contributing to our client's days are meeting our standards! From weddings in Italy to Mexico, Hawaii to Florida and everywhere in between - we LOVE our jobs, and making beautiful memories for our clients! Now, isn't that someone you want on your wedding planning team?!

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