Tips On Writing Your Wedding Thank-You's

October 13, 2021

A wedding thank you will go a long way

Now, more than ever, showing appreciation to your guests for their attendance in addition to a gift, is an important step that shouldn't be ignored. Completing your wedding thank you notes doesn't have to be a dreaded task, just check out the tips below! The standard rule of thumb states that couples have about one year from their wedding date to complete their notes, however, it is best to mail them out within three months of your wedding date. The faster you sit down to write them, the faster the task will be over. While handwritten thank you notes are few and far between, they do a better job at communicating your message while adding a personal touch. BRIDES magazine came up with several scenarios for how to come up with the right words to say, and we have listed some of our favorites below!

A gift off your registry

If someone gave you a gift off of your registry it most likely means you really wanted it. So, explain that in your note and mention how you will use it.

Gift of money

It’s never polite to mention how much money was received. However, it is best to hint at how you will use the cash.

A group gift

Even though it's one gift from several people, you still should write an individual note to each person. Although, remember to give the entire group a special shout-out as well.

A gift you already have

This happens a lot more than you think. So, it is best to not mention you returned the gift. You could write about the gift and giver itself in your note. Make sure you always find something personal to say.

They sent a gift, but couldn’t come to the wedding

Mention the gift that was received and how thoughtful it was for them to think of you. Then, talk about how you wish they could have been there.

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