Podcast: Talking about the price surge

November 17, 2021

What is the price surge and how is it affecting the wedding and events industry?

Our latest episode, episode 6, on The Art Of Celebrating Podcast is now streaming. Fellow Chicago wedding planner and co-host Akeshi Akinseye and I discuss the price surge, what it means for the wedding and events industry, and share tips on how to get ready.

The pandemic has affected every sector and that includes the wedding and events industry which affects more than what you’d think. Staffing shortages and Covid outbreaks in other parts of the world may make it harder to get items quickly to store shelves and consumers’ homes. The surge is here and becoming a more common occurrence, from retail and restaurants to gas and groceries, and beyond, it. is. here. So how do we navigate it? What should you expect? We want everyone to be aware of what we’re already experiencing and what is yet to come.

Ready to hear our insights? Awesome! Go ahead and grab a glass of wine or a cup of your fave warm drink and enjoy!

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