What the heck is a wedding boom?!

January 19, 2022, ,

Hello, Ciao my lovely friends and clients and clients to be! It is no secret that we are in the midst of a boom. A wedding boom, that is! With the rollout of the vaccine, states began opening up and with that, we are now about to experience a tidal wave of weddings. Far different from March of 2020 when it all came screeching to a halt, right? Ooof I know I speak for so many colleagues and friends within this industry when I say I am so happy those moments are in the rearview mirror! But, we are not outta the woods yet, so keep reading.

Ok, so now we are at this point in the journey that is essentially full steam ahead planning + producing celebrations in a global pandemic. Let's discuss what a wedding boom actually is and what all of this means? Seems like a good place to begin. What is a wedding boom? Well, after a year of postponed + downsized weddings and events, the wedding industry is now seeing a surge of couples looking to plan in 2022 and 2023 like we have not seen in quite some time. I believe since the mid-1980's in fact!

So, couples who have maybe been waiting to plan have now jumped in with gusto, and here we are right in the middle of engagement season (read more about that in one of my previous entries here!) as newly engaged couples begin their planning journeys as well. In addition to seeing more couples do more planning, we are also seeing a pent-up demand for parties and good vibes. People are excited to go and celebrate something positive so attendance lists are large!

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Now, what is the catch you may ask? Well, while it is undoubtedly exciting to be planning a wedding as both a couple or a planner, this unique time does place both of those groups in a unique situation. When the weddings + events industry came off of pause it did so at a breakneck pace. Schedules became overly full, demand could not keep pace with supply and this has now created some challenges at the opposite end of the spectrum from just a year and a half ago. Now, if you are planning at this time, as you probably guessed from this blog you are in good company! And major competition for the resources and quality vendors that will bring your dream team to life in the best way for your day.

Here are a few pieces of advice I would give you as you start this process:

1. CALLLLLLL ME! Yes, LOL. or another planner if we don't fit. Not everybody planner is meant for everybody and that is ok. But please, speak with several and find one who compliments your energy, ways of accomplishing tasks and vision for your day. This will dramatically improve your planning process. We have insider information on vendors and venues that your research will never get you. Plain + Simple. We are experts. THIS is our job, and we are dang good at it so invest in us to facilitate your vision and process.

2. Get ready to make decisions. Not as in rash decisions - always vet your vendors and your venues (RETURN TO NUMBER ONE AND RE-READ!). Instead think about this; if a place or a vendor feels right, move forward. Simultaneously you will move your planning process forward with every well informed and positive decision that you make.

3. Prepare for things to cost more. Yes, I know the dreaded reality. Wedding purchases of all kinds will see major increases this year. It is that simple. There are numerous factors but the reality stays the same; prices have increased. From Liss of product to loss of labor to supply chain interruption there are numerous factors playing into this. And it will impact your wedding. My advice? Be realistic about guest count first and foremost. The more you invite, the more you need to feed + water (as I like to say) leaving less of the budget for beautiful details and experiential elements. Smaller weddings will give you less of a guest count and more of your budget to allocate to other things.

4. Be flexible with dates so that you can have more options to choose from. Not only is this a better feeling while you decide but it can also save you money in the long run.

5. Last but not least - remember that COVID still exists. There are still contagious variants and whatnot going on so take into account really important elements like guest safety (and yours!), people's overall comfort level, and your location as all three of these can factor into planning at this time (among others of course!)



Looking for more tips on how to plan the perfect wedding? Well, we are right here waiting by the phone. Er, computer! 😂 Send us an inquiry and let's get started on planning your beautiful day! 

Thank you! xo

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