What’s The Cost of a Destination Wedding?

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The Average Cost Of A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is certainly a special way to celebrate your love, but there are several factors that go into consideration that you need to carefully consider. We asked over 100 wedding planners from across the globe to find out how much an average wedding costs in different parts of the world.

While many elements might go into determining whether you should have a destination wedding, like the location, the number of days, the number of events, the local currency exchange rate, the time of year, the number of guests, and more, the average destination wedding cost is $50,000.

The answer lies in the budget limit, according to Michele Durpetti, a US-based wedding planner. “It really depends on the kind of wedding the couple is designing and what is included in the budget. For example, are travel expenses for loved ones included as well? Are accommodations included? All of these decisions will impact the budget as much as guest count and location will impact the cost as well.”

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