First Look Wedding Photos: Should You Do Them?

July 8, 2022,

Every moment of the wedding day deserves to be perfectly captured through pictures. You deserve to have the kind of wedding photo album you will love not just months after the big day, but many years from now as well. You want to be able to look back with your spouse and family, smiling and remembering what was one of the most amazing events of your life.

Sure, every skilled photographer has a unique way of capturing all your special moments but they also give you the opportunity to provide input on specific shots that are important to you; but what about a First Look photo shoot? Should you include it or not?

Through our experience of styling and planning hundreds of weddings and events, our team has some insight to help you decide!

First Look photo shoots can be magical

They capture so much emotion and so much beauty in just a few simple pictures. There will be tears, laughter, and simply an overwhelming wave of emotion that truly deserves to be cherished and captured in the best photos ever. Doing a First Look photo shoot allows the photographer the opportunity to capture this moment without worrying about interrupting the ceremony.

It's Not For Everyone

Do keep in mind that you don’t have to have a First Look photo shoot if you don’t want one. On the contrary, this is definitely optional, especially since it is connected very tightly to wedding traditions and superstitions people still follow. If you believe it would bring bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the actual ceremony, then, by all means, forgo the First Look photos! Instead, ask your photographer to pay extra attention to your spouse’s reaction when you first lay eyes on each other during the ceremony.

There are alternatives!

For instance, you could have a First Look photo shoot with your father instead of your groom. This is bound to be charged with a lot of emotion as well, so you are guaranteed to get some pre-wedding photos that will make you cry years from now. Or, you can do a First Look with your spouse without actually seeing each other (you can stand back to back, reading each other’s letters for the wedding day, for example). Either of these alternative options is bound to create amazing memories for you to reflect on for years to come.

Whether you choose to stick to tradition or go the non-traditional route, do what makes you feel happy and comfortable on your wedding day, and what you know you’ll want to look back on fondly for years to come!

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