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6 Things Bridesmaids Should Never Do the Day of the Wedding

August 23, 2022

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is quite the honor, many of us have been there before. Whether for your best friend or a family member, being a part of the celebration is so much fun! That said, it doesn’t mean your role will be easy or without responsibilities. Some bridesmaids get easily caught up in all the glitz and glamour frenzy and forget why they were really chosen to stand next to the bride on her special day. Read our list of simple things you should avoid doing next time you’re joining someone on their special day.

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When you sign up to be a bridesmaid you have to remember why you’re doing it: to celebrate your close friend or family member. Each wedding day brings with it many ups and downs and it is not your job to complain about them. Maybe you don’t like the schedule or the dress you have to wear, but it isn’t your day. The last thing the bride or groom needs to hear is you complaining. Plain and simple just don’t do it.

Bridesmaid helping bride with dress.

Run Late

Planning a wedding is not as easy as it looks. The bride has a million and one things running through her head at once. As a bridesmaid it’s your job to make her life easier and that starts with being on time. It is likely that you’ve been provided with a getting ready schedule that indicates when you should arrive. If you have trouble being punctual, use technology to your advantage – setup multiple reminders or alarms on your smart phone, computer and other gadgets or go old-school and request a wake up call from a reliable friend. Make sure to add in extra time for any last-minute errands, traffic, etc.

Bridesmaids with bride getting ready at the hotel before the ceremony, wearing matching pink striped pajamas.

Forget your dress, shoes or accessories

Being a bridesmaid means that you have a lot details to remember. Prep, prep, prep – avoid running around the day of gathering everything, instead lay out everything you will need the night before. Make a list and check it twice, then check it once more to make sure! Everything from your dress and shoes to hair pieces and jewelry, plus any extras like hair pins and tissues, and feminine products. If the ceremony or reception venue has a secure bridal suite, take advantage of dropping off your things at the rehearsal the night before.

Bridesmaids smiling and holding floral bouquets

Mess with the hair and makeup schedule

Hair and makeup are two important things for the bridal party. If the bride makes a schedule and your appointment starts at 8:00 am, then please be there promptly at 8:00 am. Late arrivals can quickly spiral into a huge delay and added unnecessary stress. Also, limit making changes, especially last minute ones, when possible. Something as minor as swapping your time slot with another bridesmaid can create unnecessary chaos and confusion. Keep things simple and efficient and everything will run smoothly.

Post before the ceremony

We know it is exciting to play a special part in your close friend’s big day, but save the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook posts for later. You may not know how the bride feels about people seeing her in her dress or unveiling the ceremony or reception styling (lots of thought goes into every detail, from hair and makeup to floral and decor!) before the actual wedding takes place. You do not want to be the one who spoils the big surprise. Also, if you’re on your phone the whole time you are not taking in all of those special moments. Try to put the phone down and be present. More often than not, there is a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture all of these moments. Leave all of that hard work to them.

Forget to Dance!

Sometimes the dance floor can get a little empty. That is when you need to step in and help get everyone out of their seats. The bridal party can quickly fill the dance floor. You could even coordinate a special dance with the entire bridal party to get everyone going. At the end of the night the bride wants everyone to have fun. Make it your mission to have everyone join in on that fun so the bride will never forget it!

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