Late-night wedding snacks: inspired by favorite childhood foods

September 27, 2022,

When we talk about late-night wedding snacks, one of my favorite things to be inspired by are all the things loved during childhood. Nostalgia makes for such a fun and feeling-filled layer within a celebration, especially with food! ✨

Remember that campfire s’more? Or that push-pop you loved? For me, a ballpark hotdog always warms my heart and reminds me of going to games with my grandpa. And let’s not forget the grilled cheese right?! 🤩 These are all great ideas that will come as a delightful surprise near the end of the night. Pair that with personalized cakes that arrive at each plate and that is one beautifully layered and really fun experience your guests were not expecting towards the end of the evening! 

(Love the perfectly decorated personalized cake? Check out more from the glam vow renewal here!)

Whether sweet (think gourmet donuts, churros, or ice cream sundaes) or salty (soft pretzels with nacho cheese or mini burgers), the late-night snacks will give your guests reason to smile.

Kick it up a notch and add a late-night drink station, too! Keeping with the nostalgic theme - it's the perfect time to whip up some milkshakes! If milkshakes aren't your thing - create a coffee bar, espresso cart or boba tea station! Imagine the delight when guests see those kinds of treats in the form of late-night wedding snacks. See. So fun. So delicious. Win-win. 👈🏼✨

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