New website, new location and turning 15! Keeping up with MDE 🤩

September 21, 2022

It has been such an exciting time here at MDE this year. We worked with some absolutely incredible clients (check out Daniela + Vince and Michaela + Irwin!). We have produced some beautiful weddings this season, and are heading into the last quarter of the year feeling happy and really inspired.

And also a little stunned! Where did the year go!?! It went so fast, didn't it? I think when you are in a profession that also involves scheduling up to two years out that can also make the time move more quickly, at least it feels that way for me. And we have been so fortunate to be receiving inquiries for 2023 and 2024 simultaneously which is both exciting and a reminder to reach out if you haven't!

Photo: Collin Pierson Photography

As you may already know, we are a small but mighty team here at MDE. Volume is NOT what we do, so you will never hear us talking about 70 weddings in a year or a team of 10 people. It is just the kind of service we want to provide and not the way that we work. For us, each client begins a journey with us and we work very hard to be with them and present every step of the way. Our growth over the years has been really something though - we are heading into our 15th year here at MDE, I cannot believe it!

In the last 15 years, we have planned over 400 events and weddings in some of the world's most beautiful places like Hawaii, Umbria, New York City and right here in Chicago. Our event work has taken us to some really amazing locations as well and as we turn the corner towards 15, I think we are just hitting our stride. The best is yet to come!

And that is what I am here to all about today, amici miei! After a very traumatic two years in my life due to COVID, I finally feel back to myself. I have written about this a few times, as I was going through it because I believe in transparency whenever it feels right for me, especially when someone else might be able to take something away from what I am experiencing. That is actually why I launched my personal website a few years ago! Going through what we did both with our family restaurant and within the wedding industry was scary, exhausting, and challenging to say the least. In the fall of last year I really began to work on that trauma and set in motion my journey of healing. I am so happy to say that I am really enjoying the journey thus far.

I have felt more inspired than ever for my clients, and capable of doing more than before but by making sure I make time for myself (my Peloton is one of the ways I do that, and of course so are my horses!) so that I am always at my best for my teams, our customers and of course, you our clients!

With that said, I am so excited to share with you this newly revamped and updated website here at MDE - Thanks to Landapixel who stays up late with me and gets up early with me throughout this process every time we evolve the site and I am so grateful to her! Rose, you are a genius!

Now, for the next bit of slightly big news - we have officially begun plans to launch our Palm Beach location 🤩. I KNOW! This is so exciting! Michelle spends much of her winter traveling back and forth for her horses and is currently working with a Florida couple on an amazing 2023 wedding. So much of this manifested organically and we could not be more thrilled to begin working in South Florida. Michelle was married at the iconic The Breakers hotel five years ago this January and absolutely loved creating some wonderful relationships with vendors with that experience that she has quietly grown since then.

We will always have a piece of our heart in Chicago, of course! But we are thrilled to enter the South Florida market officially as well!

Cheers to all of the good stuff, friends - may your day be filled with love and may you celebrate every day! xoxoxo

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