What this wedding planner really wants you to know

September 7, 2022

Tips for a happy wedding planning journey

Hello and Happy September amici miei! It is hard to believe we are at the end of summer, but how wonderful to see fall on the horizon 🤩. As we ease towards autumn and the holidays we are also heading into the engagement season so I wanted to share a few things for couples to keep in mind for a happy planning journey. I have been planning weddings here in Chicago and destination weddings all over the world for 15 years now and these are some of the essentials I always discuss with my clients!

wedding planner talks to bride and groom

What This Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know: Be Honest With Your Planner And Vendor Team - Share Opinions!

Be as clear as possible when communicating your needs and vision to everyone working on your wedding. Remember it’s just as important to share what you don’t like, as well as what you do, so a distinct vision emerges. Don’t be afraid to respectfully share your insights and thoughts - those of us working to create your wedding love feedback and collaboration!

What This Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know: Start With Your Budget, And Be Honest About It

Before you make a single decision about your wedding, you need to determine your ‘must-have’ guest count and from there, your target budget. We see frustrated couples all the time because they decide a number without really understanding that what they are looking to create will not be within that allotted number. You have to consider the total cost of your celebration before anything else. You also have to be willing to consider things like cutting a guest count to fit a budget. Remember the smaller your guest count the farther your budget goes!

What This Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know: Focus On The Ceremony Because This Is THE Moment Of The Day

Couples focus much of their energy and time on the reception. But without the ceremony, there is no reception. I always encourage my couples to focus their energy on the vows, the actual ceremony, and how to make it unique and memorable. This is what will set the mood for the whole experience of the day. This is the place to be deeply personal and memorable so that your marriage begins within this very moment!

wedding planner walks up church steps with bride

What This Wedding Planner Really Wants You To Know: Appreciate Wedding Planning As A Journey

A wedding is a micro vision of the larger macro vision of life. I know that is so meta right? The time couples spend wedding planning allows them to decide how they want to navigate familial traditions, cultures, expectations, and needs as they transition into their new lives as their own family. It’s important to see this time can be an adventure, rather than a stressful experience. While it is never easy to bring together two families, two upbringings and multiple traditions and sometimes even cultures and faiths, this is actually one of the more beautiful elements about wedding planning that also happens to really carry into the marriage (this is why we believe ceremonies are so important!).

groom gives thumbs up as he and bride are about to get into a limo after their wedding ceremony

In the rush of planning, don't lose sight of the big picture. Nothing about a wedding is as important as the marriage that will follow. Please read that twice! A wedding is a beginning, not an end in and of itself. There will be different points of view, and perhaps even disagreements, as you plan your wedding. Always make your marriage the priority, the details of the wedding become just that, details. Take care of each other during the planning process, and remember that you are creating this “ONE NIGHT ONLY” celebration to celebrate the beginning of your married life with those who are most important to both of you.

bride and groom kiss while holding champagne glasses

While we firmly believe that beautiful floral and amazing food and beverage along with the countless layers that create a wedding day are vital - nothing is more important than the two of you and your love for each other!

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