Michelle Durpetti standing with coffee, wearing scarf during 2022 New York Bridal Fashion Week

What is New York Bridal Fashion Week?

October 18, 2022,

Coffee in one hand, phone in the other and always footwear that helps me get where I need to be in record time. 💨 (If only I wasn’t so tired that I saw how uneven my scarf was 😂).

Michelle Durpetti facing camera standing with coffee, wearing scarf during 2022 New York Bridal Fashion Week

What exactly is Bridal fashion and what are we doing running all over NYC, you ask? Well – here are a few fast facts to help with that 🤩

🖤 New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW) or bridal market is when bridal gown + fashion designers from all over the world premiere their newest collections for fashion and wedding press & buyers (wedding dress stores!) in the U.S. (and all over, really). 

My husband, Collin Pierson (you should follow if you don’t!), works directly with several designers photographing their collections as well as being the NYBFW photographer for Modern Luxury. I assist group publisher, Amy Allen, and Editor-in-Chief, Elle Cashin, with distribution of the content onto social media channels, write captions and coordinate with all of their various markets so they can stay on top of the 10,000 other things they have to do while in NYC. 😎 I also schlep bags and hold lights for my husband. And there are probably 50 others jobs I am forgetting but that’s ok because you get the idea. ✨ 

I have been attending New York Bridal Fashion Week for almost ten years now! Some of my past writing you can find here

Be sure to follow Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago for all the bridal and fashion and lifestyle delight! 

➡️ In 3.5 days we saw 25 designers. Meaning Collin photographed 25 collections in 25 different locations. That is thousands of images that then need to be edited ASAP for distribution, posting and of course sharing with designers, PR teams and marketing teams too. 

That’s where Tri-State Chauffeurs (CARLOS!) comes in with our mobile office (and he even makes sure we get our NY pizza fix!). We have internet in the car allowing Collin to edit and me to distribute. Final editing then continues in the evening when we are done with appointments. Fun fact: Collin and I sleep about four hours a night when in NYC. It definitely is the city that never sleeps during fashion week! 

This was the first time back for me since April of 2019. A LOT has changed in my life since then (which I have spoken about over on my personal blog, which you can check out here) but one thing that hasn’t is my love for bridal fashion, the people that bring it to life and the magically intense, high-pressure awesomeness that is fashion week! 

Friday of NYBFW we had the privilege of spending time at the Hotel Chelsea, a 250-room, incredibly awesome building built between 1883 and 1885. This is such a cool perk of so much travel within Manhattan – we see some really cool nooks + crannies of the Big Apple 🍎. 

Kim Kassas Couture was showing an incredible collection of gowns inspired by the old-world romance of Paris. 

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