Introducing Joanna Pirszel, welcome to MDE!

January 30, 2023

We are thrilled to officially announce that Joanna Pirszel is part of the MDE team! Joanna began working with us over a year ago and has shown a passion for events that quickly made her invaluable to our team. She began her career in the world of finance and was looking for a more creative outlet - and we are so lucky that she found us. Joanna will be working with a range of clients from month of to full planning, and dreams of producing a wedding in Mexico, Greece and Italy (so stay tuned because she has laser focus on her goals, which she extends to her clients!). She will be partnering with Michelle on some of MDE’s larger projects this year as well. Please extend a warm welcome, and reach out to schedule a lunch at G&G to meet with Joanna!

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