3 Questions with Saja of Mawaddah Productions

Welcome to a new series we are so excited to bring to our blog where we highlight some of our favorite creative partners! First up is Saja from Mawaddah Productions whom I had the immense pleasure of working with on a gorgeous tented wedding last August (it is currently featured in Modern Luxury North Shore!). She is immensely creative and wonderfully professional to work with and I think it is so important to offer couples who are planning the opportunity to learn about each vendor category that makes up a wedding and why they are important. So without any further introduction – please allow Saja to share a little bit about her work!

How did you get started in wedding film?

This is a pretty unique story. I’ve always been artistically inclined– sketching, painting, and writing poetry from a young age. I drew inspiration from everything from Hollywood storytelling to Arab architecture, from landscapes to deep human emotions, even as I pursued a career in public health.

My suppressed creative gene bubbled to the surface during the winter of 2018 when I married the love of my life. I had such a hard time finding a woman videographer who understood Arab culture, Muslim guidelines, and fit my personal film aesthetic. It was near impossible, so I decided to utilize my budding video editing skills to “DIY” it. Other creative guests rented cameras and filmed authentic moments throughout the day, and I produced the final video.

Creating my own wedding film ignited my passion for wedding filmmaking, and the rest is history.

Most exciting location or moment at a wedding?

My favorite moment, hands down, is couples’ prep. There’s something about the morning anticipation and excitement that’s unmatched. Sometimes that moment is still and somber, and sometimes it’s full of celebration. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, every couple experiences a new feeling in that moment, and I have the pleasure of capturing its depths on camera.

Why is wedding film such an important part of a wedding day for couples and their families?

Marrying your person is a once-in-a-lifetime event and one of the few times where your favorite people gather to celebrate you and your love. Film is the only medium that allows you to truly relive that moment. Through film, you can see your closest friends and family having a great time, you can hear your lover’s voice quivering while reading vows, and you can feel your love reignite all over again. Sometimes film even captures things you miss, like the way your spouse gushed about you to the wedding party during prep. Film is truly the best way to feel your wedding-day magic, and to share the feeling with all of your loved ones.

Photo Credit: Aya Saleh

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