The Hidden Work of Wedding Planners: Beyond the Big Day

July 10, 2024,

Being a wedding planner involves more than just orchestrating the big day. The unseen efforts are what truly make the event seamless, and sharing some of those with you—our wonderful readers—is a great way to educate couples and clients everywhere on the value of investing in a wedding or event producer for your celebration. So, without further ado, here are some behind-the-scenes tasks that are essential for wedding planning yet often overlooked:

The Deep Dive: All-Hour Vendor Searching

While you sleep, we are hunting for the best vendors. When you are working, we are researching, emailing, and building up information to help you make informed decisions. From contacting trusted specialists to reaching out to new vendors who could bring something special to your day, nothing is off the table in our quest to find the perfect match for your wedding needs. We explore every avenue to ensure you have the finest team of creatives surrounding you, making everything come to life with professionalism, creativity, and magic!

Constant Communication: Emails, Texts, Calls, and WhatsApps

Our days are filled with a flurry of communication. From chasing down replies to following up with clients, the constant stream of messages ensures every detail is perfect. What feels like weeks to you is just a few hours for us, with ongoing check-ins to keep everything on track. We spend hours working on emails and communications for every wedding. On average, we dedicate about 400 hours to each MDE wedding—just to give you an idea!

Incessant Timeline Changes

Adjusting timelines is an art. It involves meticulous planning to ensure events flow smoothly, considering everything from lighting to guest movements. Countless hours are spent perfecting these schedules. We often work late into the night, tweaking and refining timelines to ensure the day runs flawlessly.

Emotional Support and Advocacy

Wedding planning is as much about managing emotions as it is about logistics. We often find ourselves in the role of therapist, providing emotional support to our clients through the stress and excitement of wedding preparations. We are there to listen, to reassure, and to offer solutions when things get overwhelming.

In addition to supporting our clients, we are also partners and advocates for our vendors. We work closely with them to ensure they have everything they need to deliver their best work. By fostering strong relationships with our vendor partners, we create a collaborative environment where everyone thrives and the event shines.

Checked Bags and Car Loads

Traveling for weddings means mastering the art of packing. We carry numerous bags filled with essential items, making sure nothing is left behind. If not bags, it’s our cars packed to the brim with wedding necessities. We have mastered the game of Tetris to fit everything in, from the largest elements to the smallest details.

And So Much More

The list is endless. From late-night calls about floral arrangements to early morning discussions on lighting, and constant revisions on signage and menus. Negotiating costs, fine-tuning contracts, building spreadsheets, and mapping out venues are just a few of the many tasks that fill our days. We also spend time crafting personalized touches that make each wedding unique, from custom favors to bespoke décor elements.

These hidden tasks highlight the dedication and hard work that go into planning a flawless wedding. Each step, though unseen, is a testament to our commitment to making your special day perfect. The magic of a seamless wedding day lies in the countless hours of preparation and attention to detail that happen behind the scenes.

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