Chris Rebollo


Chris Rebollo joined the Turnkey Hospitality team in November of 2015. A graduate of DePaul University and fluent in three languages, Chris brings his international studies degree, his contagious humor, and his beautiful joy for life to our events and weddings on a daily basis. With experience within his own family business, as well as within the non-profit field, Chris has learned how to build events ranging from weddings to charitable events and galas for our clients that are organized, energized and unforgettable.

Chris has been a member of NACE, WIPA, and also served on the auction committee for the Wish Upon A Wedding Gala in Chicago. He has grown an extensive network of vendors and creative partners through his event work, as well as his participation in the events community.

A few years ago, Chris and Michelle decided to combine their mutual love of travel and beautiful events together by creating a destination wedding division of MDE, which Chris is an integral part of. When he is not planning destination weddings with MDE, he is traveling the globe, including his second home in Mexico City.

A piece of his heart has always lived in Mexico along with much of his Father’s family. Chris is incredibly proud of his Mexican heritage and celebrates it whenever he can. He is an expert on Mexican culture, tradition and diplomacy and is such a joy for our clients to have on the team for the Spanish-speaking destinations!

Also fluent in Italian (he studied in his Mom’s family’s hometown of Lucca), Chris is solutions-oriented, easy-going, and as organized as it gets. He loves a beautiful plate of pasta, and can never say no to prosciutto. His language skills are especially valuable to our destination clients, with a specialty of Chris’ being family communication on the day of the wedding. Our clients love the energy he brings to a wedding day. Our vendors love the communication and happiness that he brings to each project. We can’t wait for you to meet him, because we know you will love him too!

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