Welcome! We are so happy that you are here! We believe in events with purpose, created with intention and that celebrate with love.

Our calling is to bring visually impactful, beautifully orchestrated weddings and events to life. From curated menus to thoughtful details, we are with you every step of the way to bring your dreams to life and to make sure that it all comes together in symphony.

We have been recognized nationally as a hospitality expert, and as one of the country’s top 50 planners. Michelle Durpetti Events is one of Chicago’s leading firms for wedding styling, planning, logistics management, and event production, and we are incredibly proud of who we are, and what we do.

We’re In This Together: Wedding Planning & The Time of Coronavirus

These times are unprecedented. Feelings are all over the board, and while social distancing is in full effect, you’re not alone. Our team would like to extend a complimentary consultation via phone, no strings attached, to help guide you during this time. Whether you’ve had to postpone a special celebration, or are planning a ceremony in 2021, 2022 or beyond. We are here for you, our team is prepared to guide you through this time of uncertainty and is committed to you. Moving forward with your celebration is possible, we’re here to guide and plan with you so that it is smart, safe and of course, all in grand style.


We are inspired by all that we see, taste, smell, touch and live. The world is such a beautiful place, and we love garnering inspiration and motivation from any and everywhere we can!

We so enjoy bringing that into the production & design process for our clients. Multilingual, multifaceted and laser focused, we believe that all events should be intricately choreographed, but that none of it should be visible to the eyes of your guests. All they should experience are the emotions of the day, and the beauty of the moment.

That kind of production takes knowledge of logistics, and an ability to create a collaborative symphony between vendors and creatives so that a wedding day has fluidity and impeccable timing.

And, while we plan for a beautiful day, we are also well versed and capable of coming to the table with solutions when the occasional challenge arises (it is a reality that a wedding day faces unforeseen things. Having a team that can resolve them calmly because your vendors trust us is truly priceless).

While our offices are in Chicago. we travel the world over for or clients, and can’t wait for the next adventure, location, and love story that we get to bring to life. We are the lucky ones. ❤️

Photos (left to right): Soda Fountain Photography, Collin Pierson Photography, Collin Pierson Photography

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