May 8, 2013

The color name “chartreuse” stems from it’s resemblance to the colors of two different French liqueurs introduced in 1764, green chartreuse and yellow chartreuse.


To most of us, chartreuse is just another shade of yellow (or green) falling somewhere in the category between apple green, bright yellow, lime green, light grass green, “light green with a tinge of yellow”, green-yellow, yellow-green — you get the gist. It’s a mix of warm and cool colors that can feel very springy, but also a bit 60s retro…and we LOVE it for Spring 2013.

Need some ideas on how you can incorporate this color into your wedding day? Here are three of our favorites:


Decor – Hang colorful mercury glass with rhinestones (like the one pictured below) on tree branches or place them down the aisle for your ceremony.  The antiqued metallic finish of these mercury glass is reflective and shimmery, which will work to enhance the candlelight, perfect for your celebration!


Drink – What better way to use the color in your day than via it’s original inception? Use Chartreuse Liquor to create your specialty cocktail for the evening. Try this great recipe to make a delicious Chartreuse Cooler!

1 oz Yellow Chartreuse

2 oz orange juice

1/2 oz lemon juice

3 1/2 oz sparkling bitter lemon soda


Diamond – What could be more special than a unique engagement ring with this beautiful, bright color?


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