The Chicago Hunter Derby featured on Fox News

September 4, 2014

The Chicago Hunter Derby featured on Fox News! Today, we are thrilled for our Michelle on being an amazing spokeswomen on Fox News for the Chicago Equestrians For A Cause event, the Chicago Hunter Derby. The segment highlighted details of the event (click here for more information), who it benefits, and in addition to fall equestrian looks, courtesy of Barrington Saddlery.

The models are wearing a variety of equestrian brands that are also trending in today’s fashion world.

Chicago Hunter Derby models Lynn (left), Hannah (middle), and Kimberly (right).
Chicago Hunter Derby models Lynn (left), Hannah (middle), and Kimberly (right).

Hannah is wearing formal Hunter rider competition apparel. This is the look all of the competitors at the Chicago Hunter Derby will be wearing this weekend. She is wearing an italian shadbelly from Animo. The shadbelly’s history started in the 1800’s during the “Regency Period” and were made for royalty to wear during formal events or horseback riding. Under her shadbelly, she is wearing a Le Fash Herringbone shirt that is made from bamboo and classic Tan Breeches from Tailored Sportsmen.


Kimberly is featuring a more European look that is both vogue and functional for the active equestrian athlete. Her lightweight quilted jacket by Barbour of Sctoland. This jacket is versatile and paired with a wheat plaid scarf. Kimberly is also wearing Le Fash Herringbone shirt along with Patricia Green snaffle loafers. Her white pebbled leather Firenza backpack is by Asmar.


Lynn is stepping out with an equestrian look that is “street chic & fashion forward”. This perfect women-on-the-go look is complete with Le Fash tuxedo shirt and city breeches. Both were paired with Baby Alpaca Houndstooth wrap scarf. With her is an Asmar duffle, adding a fresh twist on an iconic look.

To see the full segment, click here!

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